I like to move it, move it

In my work as a therapist I often deal with the mind. The mind tends to be overly developed in our society and life. And although it is a vital tool and intricate part of our lives it is not all there is to who we are.

In psychosynthesis we talk about mind, body and spirit. You have a mind, a body and something spiritual that influences who you are, what decisions you make and what we focus on.

Since 2007 i’ve come to know bodywork, movement and dance as a tool to integrate life themes, my personal proces, my way in and my way out. It has grounded me more than sitting meditation, yoga, or any other spiritual and physical practice.

Open Floor International is a new organization with its history in movement meditation, dance, gestalt, psychotherapy, yoga, mindfulness, Dynamic Governance, massage and many more forms or working with mind, body and spirit.

What it comes down to? We humans want to dance. We want to move. We want to heal, feel joy, be inspired. To feel a well-being in our humanness.