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Do more, be less…
In the last few months, roaming around the internet, I notice quite a few posts ending with…’in just 3 lessons you end your childhood trauma’ or ‘in 6 online courses you will find the love of your life’ or ‘read my online book and I will tell you exactly how to generate more clients’. Especially in the ‘softer’ sector, i.e. personal development work, social/ therapeutic work, coaching and holistic work this seems to be the norm nowadays.

What is the idea behind this offer? What I notice within myself is the resistance about the mentality that everything needs to have a ‘quick fix’. That you could resolve everything, if you only used your willpower. And that when it didn’t work for you you must not have put in all your effort. Or not want it badly enough. What makes us believe we need to be better, faster, hight, more active etc? Ofcourse with the least amount of effort, the most affect and not showing that we haven’t got the faintest idea what we’re doing.

The people I meet with my work also wonder if there is a fast and easy way to get rid of their issues. Often followed by an explanation that they just don’t understand what could possibly make them so emotional or exhausted. I understand that huge longing for wanting to feel good. And the wish for the fix to be quick and easy. Sure… We’re all hungry for it. It’s not very comfortable to stay present with our own humanity, our fallibility, our own incapability and our not-knowing.

In the Open Floor I learn to be present with what is going on right now. Not the story I tell myself, but the physical sensations I experience. What movement is that? What is my need? Can I allow myself to give it an expression? Returning with kindness to the moment.

Dancing with mindfulness with its sole purpose to be present, to register, to stay with it (or try to stay with it) and to coach myself, with kindness, back to the dance. An ever repeating exercise to experience and learn that with practice you can contact yourself, your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your knowing and not knowing. And develop more compassion, kindness, for all aspects of yourself… your humor, jealousy, sadness, joy, limitations, strength, anger, solitude, etc etc.

So I invite you to try, discover, investigate kindness for yourself. To be serious about your intent and curious about your practice. To practice, practice, practice, practice, practice…

Then you will get to know repetition, patience, compassion and an open heart. ‘Do less, be more… in the moment.’