The gift of pause

There is something unbelievably empowering about pausing. It breaks cycles of habit and mindlessness. It gives you the opportunity to rethink, reconsider the path you’re on. It allows you to change your mind and it allows you to continue. That moment of choice has great power and offers you flexibility to address all areas of your life with a pause.

For years i’ve felt this strange twist between wanting to turn inward during wintertime when everything else asked me to expand. Particularly the holiday season asks me to expand when all of me wants to hibernate, to contract, to become more quiet.

This holiday season I will look for the pausing. For moments of contemplation, reflection, relaxation, walks in the park, for listening to the movement in my body. Listening in into solitude, connection, direction, and purpose again and again and again.

Below you will find several offerings for you to enjoy during the holiday season. Beautiful contemplative words and music, a fabulous article about napping (perfect reason to give napping a try), a list of inspiring movies, several beautiful poems and a wonderful Mixcloud playlist for you to listen to.

Just before sending this newsletter out to you I hear Ram Dass has died on December 22, 2019. You can listen to his wonderful ‘I am loving awareness’ meditation below. Read more about him here.

First I need to inform you I that my mobile phone number will be changed by January 1st, 2020.
The new number will be 06- 24 501 333.

May you find solace in solitude, nourishment in connection, ground in belonging and trust in spirit.

Warm wishes, Hester Hudig