No touch, still connected

The world is shaking… Every day different news, different ideas on how to handle whats going on. As a result of recent news I’ve decided to pause my dance evenings in Rotterdam and Dordrecht.
Not so much for myself, but for the community at large. By doing so I hope to contribute to our country and world healing. Avoiding the chance of spreading the virus to people with compromised immune systems. Together we can help avoid a situation like in Italy where there are not enough doctors/nurses, not enough beds, not enough medicine for those who need it.

Therapy sessions
I will also pause the therapy sessions in person. When you have a session booked with me we will meet online. Please get in touch with me about the how and what. Call me at 06- 24501333 or send me an email at

Keep dancing
Keep an eye out for those moments you can dance. I will continue to make and share playlists on my Mixcloud page. Turn up the volume and dance. I’m also looking into offering online dance evenings in the next few weeks. Soon more about this. Any changes and offerings I will announce on the Facebook page and on the website (& newsletter). Stay in touch and dance with me when you can.

I ask we may have compassion for all our reactions.
Let’s be gentle with ourselves and others.
Do what you need to stay healthy, grounded and centered.
Reach out if you need to… and dance.

Italians are connecting on their balconies through music, dancing and singing.

The hashtag ‘no touch still connected’ has been introduced to me by my Italian dance colleagues during the lockdown because of the Corona virus pandemic.

Best wishes, Hester Hudig