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What do I need to do before I can join an online event?

  • We use a platform called Zoom. You’ll need a computer, ipad or iphone, and a good internet connection.
  • Download the zoom app here. It is painless, fast, and free.
  • If you are new to Zoom please do watch this introductory video from Zoom.
  • If you have a computer, choose that over the iPad or iPhone. Not only will the sound be better but also you can interact more and see more of others.
  • If you can, connect your computer/phone to an external speaker for better sound quality.
  • Make some space to move. If you are in a shared space, find a room to yourself so you can move un-self consciously. Or invite your housemates and/or family to join you. Minimize distractions (doorbell/ email/ phone/household appliances/TV) so that you can be as present as possible.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to move in and have your water bottle nearby.


What language will you speak?
I offer my classes, workshops, groups and sessions (both online and physical) in Dutch and English. Depending on the needs of the people.

How much does it cost?
Depending on what I offer… Costs will be announced at the page of the event.

When you live in the Netherlands you can pay via bank
NL71 TRIO 0197670210 t.n.v. Hester Hudig.

Alternatively (for those who live outside of the Netherlands)

Will it be recorded?
No, this is an in-the-moment event.

What time do you start?
You will need to look at my schedule to see what time I start. The times are CET (Central European Time) and we use a 24 hours clock. If you live in another timezone please look at Please be on time (preferably 15 minutes earlier) and stay till the end. Your presence really makes a difference.

Can I invite someone to the event who’s never been before?
It depends whether it’s a closed group event or open to all.

Some helpful features of Zoom

  • Speaker view and Grid/Gallery view – you can toggle between the two to see the difference. Grid view is recommended when we’re dancing, so we see and get inspired by each other.
  • The ability to MUTE and UNMUTE – when you are on ‘mute’ it reduces feedback that can occur. It also means you can make as much noise as you want. The Host and co- hosts can mute and unmute everyone.
  • The ability to have your CAMERA OFF and ON. Keep it on as it helps build connection. Your presence matters!
  • The CHAT feature – via the ‘Speech bubble’ icon in the bottom bar. If you are having technical problems, this is the place to go.
  • The ability to NAME YOURSELF if you haven’t already – click the three dots in your own window.