Skinship – A relationship with your skin

I’d like to start a pilot about how we relate to our skin. And in particular during this Covis-19 pandemic where we experience no or less touch than usual.

You may have to distance yourself, perhaps you are in a full lockdown or are in self isolation. You may be living by yourself with no people or pet. Perhaps you do have some form of company. In any way you are welcome to join this experiment if you are curious or in need of a change. You may have a personal or professional interest. You are welcome to join.

After distancing for 7 weeks I’ve noticed how much I long to hold hands, hug, sit next to someone else… you could say a classic case of ‘skinhunger’.

Skinship is about trying out something new. We’ve never been in this situation before without touch for longer periods of time. Skinship is building a relation with your own body.

In our first meeting will come together to connect with each other (it will be a closed group). In the course of 1 week, we will find our own ways of massage ourselves, for about 15 minutes each day. You can experiment with the use of different textures, temperatures, materials, etc. and see if this has an effect on our skin and ‘skinhunger’.

One week after our start we get together and share our findings. What worked well, what didn’t work so well?

During the week I’ll be available for one-to-one conversations if you need to. I will stay in touch with you during this week.

No previous experience with massage or bodywork is needed.

May 7 and May 14, 2020

10:00 – 11.30 o’clock (Netherlands) Central European Time

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information (including password) about joining the meeting.

How to work out the CET timezone?
I ask you be on time (15 minutes earlier) and stay till the end. If you need to work out time please look at
Minder weergeven


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Ik ben in principe bereikbaar op werkdagen tijdens kantoortijden. Een paar keer per jaar is de praktijk gesloten vanwege trainingen, studie of vakantie. Kijk hier voor wanneer de praktijk gesloten is.

Credits to Unsplash photos by: Nik Shuliahin, Nathan McBride, Priscilla du Preez