Meditation Cycle @Home

Meditate together in your own home. We will use sitting, walking and dancing meditation to move with what is, to quiet the mind, to have a moment of focus. I will guide you through the meditation.

You will need to prepare your space. Make room for movement and a place to sit comfortably. Turn off devices that can distract you. Make sure you can have an uninterrupted meditation. Light a candle, burn some incense. Wear comfortable clothes.


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Ik ben in principe bereikbaar op werkdagen tijdens kantoortijden. Een paar keer per jaar is de praktijk gesloten vanwege trainingen, studie of vakantie. Kijk hier voor wanneer de praktijk gesloten is.

Credits to Unsplash photos by: Nik Shuliahin, Nathan McBride, Priscilla du Preez