Hester Hudig
0031 – (0)624 501 333

You can contact me via phone. When you reach my voicemail please leave a message with your contact details. Alternatively you can send me an email.
I will get back to you in 2 to 3 days.

A few times a year I will be offline due to training/ study, (peer group) supervision days, work related appointments or vacation.
Look here to find out when the practice is closed.

Open Floor Movement Practice
If you are interested in dancing/ moving with Open Floor I recommend you take a look at our (worldwide) Open Floor Calendar for our (in-person and online) classes, workshops and ongoing groups offered. There is so much beauty there…

The following information is only applicable for when you live in The Netherlands.

Je kunt altijd je huisartsenpost bellen buiten kantooruren en in dringende gevallen. Of bel 112 bij levensbedreigende situaties.

Je kunt ook 0900-0113 als je jezelf niet meer vertrouwt of je ernstige zorgen maakt over een andere persoon. Er is altijd iemand aanwezig met wie je kunt praten.

Membership I.C.M.T.A. (International Conscious Movement Teachers Association)