Suddenly so vulnerable

And there it is… suddenly feeling so vulnerable in the midst of this Corona story. In the middle of the storm there is this notion of how it affects me. When I talk to others I recognise the ebb and flow of our emotions. In the course of one day we interchange between anger, sadness, curiosity, insecurity, happy, fear, excitement.

Trying to absorb the imposed distancing as a new way of life. In the meantime being hit by the avalanche of information and online search for connection… There is that strange mix of solitude and loneliness, buried under a pile of information, adopted attitudes and so called aptitudes. Trying to hold on to what? Did anything remain the same? The one holds on to the stars, the other finds solace in nature, a third finds peace in their spirituality… Holding on to something, hoping we have something to say. Pretending we have control over our lives. Even if it’s just a little.

We’re starting to see the effects of this rather sudden change. The first signs of trauma. And all the themes that are popping up for ourselves. Recurring events or patterns, especially really old ones, show their faces again. Have you noticed some of the same life-themes come around again? Did you think you were done working these out?

I’ve been working a lot lately with the different roles or masks. In Psychosynthesis we call these sub-personalities. When we are stuck in a corner, when we try to deal with stressful situations we often see the rise of familiar sub-personalities. We meet them in different forms throughout the day. All of a sudden our ‘critic’ has lots to say about how we are handling our home situation, the ‘little child’ shows up feeling unsafe, the ‘wise’ person pretends to see the bigger picture. Being identified with them means we embody that quality. It’s all we become, showing only one way we react. To understand what they have to tell us we can exercise dis-identification by literally stepping aside.

To start to dis-identify we can take a few pieces of paper (or Playmobil if you have any) and write the quality of the sub-personality on it. We may be able to recognise a crowd. For this exercise you don’t need more than 3 to 5 sub-personalities. Place the pieces of paper on the floor. When you use the pieces of paper you can step on them and see if you take on that role or put on that mask. When you use (Playmobil) figurines place them on a table.

Questions that will help getting a better understanding.
How do they relate to each other? Are they close, oposite, have their backs turned, lying down. Some may form a team, some may be by themselves. Can you see what they are looking at from this point of view? What are their needs? What do they have to say? How do they feel? What would happen if you moved them around? Do they support or contradict one another? Why are they so present in your life during this time?

Practical News
If you find yourself in a muddle, if you’re feeling stuck or regressing please contact me for an appointment. Reach out, get help. We’re all having a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. Call me at 06-24501333 or email

I will pause the Open Floor Dance @Home on Wednesday evening for now. The numbers of participants are dwindling. Most people have mentioned to prefer to dance in real life then online.

I do have two (online) programmes i’d like to offer:

Skinhip… A relationship with your skin.
3-Pods: closed group (3 people) gatherings.

Date: May 7 & 14
Time: 10:00 – 11.30 (CET) Netherlands
No costs

Anyone who feels the lack of physical contact and connection experiences what we call ‘skinhunger’. We know from research we need our bodies to be touched in a kind way to develop healthy psycho-neuro connections. To become stable, sociable, kind people who can handle life.

In the course of one week we will get together in a closed group and explore touch for ourselves. Our skin being the biggest organ of our bodies… what kind of loving touch does it need and respond well to?

If you’re interested in participating in this group please register here.
For me… I too feel the need to listen deeper. I too notice all these different parts of me showing up. What’s being asked of me, personally and spiritually, is a daily practice.

be well, be safe,
Hester Hudig

Good God

I don’t believe in a God… (Maybe you do?)
I do pray… I believe you can only pray… to whatever you believe in… God… Nature… Synchronicity… Faith or Fate… I believe praying is a solitary dance… sometimes a fight, a conversation, a going forward and back, a trust and a letting go…
Letting go, letting go, let go, let go, go, god, God. Letting go and letting God.

I’d like to share a poem by Mary Oliver. It’s just such a great reminder (for me too) to not get caught up in the rat-race of things happening right now.

And I made a playlist for this Easter weekend. Dance your prayer, pray your dance. Mixcloud Mix: Good God

Do you feel like dancing? I teach Open Floor Dance @Home. Please look out for my Wednesday evening classes.

You do not have to become totally zen,
You do not have to use this isolation to make your marriage better, your body slimmer, your children more creative.
You do not have to “maximize its benefits”
By using this time to work even more,
write the bestselling Corona Diaries,
Or preach the gospel of ZOOM.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body unlearn
everything capitalism has taught you,
(That you are nothing if not productive,
That consumption equals happiness,
That the most important unit is the single self.
That you are at your best when you resemble an efficient machine).

Tell me about your fictions, the ones you’ve been sold,
the ones you sheepishly sell others, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world as we know it is crumbling.
Meanwhile the virus is moving over the hills, suburbs, cities, farms and trailer parks.
Meanwhile The News barks at you, harsh and addicting,
Until the push of the remote leaves a dead quiet behind,
a loneliness that hums as the heart anchors.

Meanwhile a new paradigm is composing itself in our minds,
Could birth at any moment if we clear some space
Meanwhile, on top of everything else you are facing,
Do not let capitalism coopt this moment, laying its whistles and train tracks across your weary heart.
Even if your life looks nothing like the Sabbath,
Your stress boa-constricting your chest.
Know that your ancy kids, your terror, your shifting moods,
Your need for a drink have every right to be here,
And are no less sacred than a yoga class.

Whoever you are, no matter how broken,
the world still has a place for you, calls to you over and over
announcing your place as legit, as forgiven, even if you fail and fail and fail again.
Remind yourself over and over, all the swells and storms that run through your long tired body.
All have their place here, now in this world.
It is your birthright to be held deeply, warmly in the family of things, not one cell left in the cold.

:: by Mary Oliver for Corona Times ::

I pray you are with loved ones, that you are healthy, that you have solitude and company. That you are supported and feeling loved.

Hester Hudig

News 24 March 2020

Yesterday evening the Dutch Government has announced new measures for the coming months. No contact until June 1. Not going to parties, no touching, 1,5 meters distance between people, no unnecessary shopping or going somewhere unless it’s inevitable.

Even though i felt, and perhaps you too, this was coming, it is still a bit of a shock to the system. It’s for real now. It’s more the mindset around this change than the understanding of why.

As a result my classes obviously will not be live either until that date (or longer depending on what the Dutch Government asks us to do). I do offer my dance classes online every Wednesday evening. And Saturday morning i’ll offer a meditation where we sit, walk and dance. You can find more information on both below.

The following information is for both the dance evening as well as the meditation morning.
How can I join?
You will need to download Zoom (free account) and make sure it works. Check your audio and your video. Then you’ll need to sign up (see zoom link below) and arrive for the dance 15 minutes earlier.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Download Zoom and test all is working
Prepare your space. Make it empty so you can move around. Light a candle or prepare a little altar for youself. Make sure other devices are turned off. And you can dance/meditate undisturbed. Write the events in your calendar. With everything going on it’s easy to forget.

If you can afford to pay €10 for the class please do.
If this is a problem (because you may have less or no income) please consider what you can pay, if anything… I’d rather have you join the class than you worry about finances.
Please donate (anything that suits your situation) via
It is very much appreciated.

Will it be recorded?
No, this is an in-the-moment event.

Can I invite someone to the class who’s never been before?
Yes, all who want to dance/meditate are welcome.

I ask you be on time (15 minutes earlier) and stay till the end.
The dance/meditation is a great way to release tension, notice what you need and your body needs, a perfect place to (re-) connect and feel the presence of the other participants.

If, for whatever reason you cannot join or the internet connection is not working, don’t worry. Go to and move to any playlist you like. Find a new playlist below.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via
Open Floor Dance @Home
I’ve moved my Open Floor classes to online dancing. If you’ve never danced Open Floor before you are welcome to join. For as long as we need to physically distance ourselves I will offer you Open Floor Dance @Home.

Wednesdayevening (the Netherlands)
Time: 19.30 – 21.00 o’clock (please come 15 minutes earlier)
Use to work out times.

You will need to register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the meeting.

Meditation @Home

Saturday Morning 10.30 – 12.00 CET
(please come 15 minutes earlier)
Use to work out times.

Meditate together in your own home. We will use sitting, walking and dancing meditation to move with what is, to quiet the mind, to have a moment of focus. I will guide you through the meditation.

You will need to prepare your space. Make room for movement and a place to sit comfortably. Turn off devices that can distract you. Make sure you can have an uninterrupted meditation. Light a candle, burn some incense. Wear comfortable clothes.

You will need to register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

During these times you may find yourself confronted with all kinds of emotions and feelings. I’d advice you to not sit with them. Find people you can trust and can talk to. If anything, don’t isolate yourself.

If you have questions, concerns or want to talk privately with me.
Please contact me via or call 06- 24501333

Warm wishes, Hester Hudig

Dancing together in your living room

We are going to try something new!

In times of Corona we want you to keep dancing. It is a wonderful way to let go, release, find your feet, center yourself in the midst of everything that has been going on. And a place to connect with others. A couple of hours per week for a bit of self-care. To not feel disconnected and isolated from yourself and the world.

I will offer dance on wednesday evening and meditation (sitting, walking, dancing) on saturday morning.

What do you need to do to join in?
You don’t need much but you will have to make some preparations. Anyone can join.

– Download Zoom and get a free account.
– Prepare space in your house to dance and sit.
– Turn off anything that could distract you.
– Find the link to Zoom on my FB page and/or website.
– Join the Zoom meeting. Make sure your sound and video are working.
– Invite your partner, family, friends, colleagues to join.
– Wear comfortable clothes.
– Let’s be contagious !!!

Invite others who might be interested. Including your family, friends and colleagues who don’t live in the Netherlands.

Try out
On Wednesday 18 March we will have a try out of the first Open Floor @Home Dance. There is a lot of learning involved in offering dance virtually. We have been working non stop and are exited about it.

We will come together at Zoom. You dance and/or meditate in your own space. I will provide the music and guide you through it.

Put the ‘Open Floor @Home’ events in your agenda.
Make time to do it. Make it Move…

Open Floor @Home

Put these dates in your agenda.

Open Floor Dance
Wednesday 18 March (try out)
Wednesday 25 March
Wednesday 1 April
Time: 19.30 – 21.00 o’clock

Link Dance

Open Floor Meditation
Saturday 21 March
Saturday 28 March
Saturday 4 April
Time: 10.00 – 11.30 o’clock

Link Meditatie

Or find the link on my Ode to Life Facebook page and on my website.

The ‘Open Floor @Home’ is on donation basis. Go to PayPal to donate. It is very much appreciated.

If you need to figure out what time this is in your country please use World Time Buddy

If, for whatever reason you cannot join or the internet connection is not working, don’t worry. Go to Mixcloud and play any playlist you like.
What if you thought of it
as the Jews consider the Sabbath—
the most sacred of times?
Cease from travel.
Cease from buying and selling.
Give up, just for now,
on trying to make the world
different than it is.
Sing. Pray. Touch only those
to whom you commit your life.
Center down.

And when your body has become still,
reach out with your heart.
Know that we are connected
in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
(You could hardly deny it now.)
Know that our lives
are in one another’s hands.
(Surely, that has come clear.)
Do not reach out your hands.
Reach out your heart.
Reach out your words.
Reach out all the tendrils
of compassion that move, invisibly,
where we cannot touch.

Promise this world your love–
for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health,
so long as we all shall live

~ by Lynn Ungar ~

Reach out when times are hard. If, for whatever reason, you feel the need to connect in a one-to-one moment please contact me via

Warm wishes, Hester Hudig

No touch, still connected

The world is shaking… Every day different news, different ideas on how to handle whats going on. As a result of recent news I’ve decided to pause my dance evenings in Rotterdam and Dordrecht.
Not so much for myself, but for the community at large. By doing so I hope to contribute to our country and world healing. Avoiding the chance of spreading the virus to people with compromised immune systems. Together we can help avoid a situation like in Italy where there are not enough doctors/nurses, not enough beds, not enough medicine for those who need it.

Therapy sessions
I will also pause the therapy sessions in person. When you have a session booked with me we will meet online. Please get in touch with me about the how and what. Call me at 06- 24501333 or send me an email at

Keep dancing
Keep an eye out for those moments you can dance. I will continue to make and share playlists on my Mixcloud page. Turn up the volume and dance. I’m also looking into offering online dance evenings in the next few weeks. Soon more about this. Any changes and offerings I will announce on the Facebook page and on the website (& newsletter). Stay in touch and dance with me when you can.

I ask we may have compassion for all our reactions.
Let’s be gentle with ourselves and others.
Do what you need to stay healthy, grounded and centered.
Reach out if you need to… and dance.

Italians are connecting on their balconies through music, dancing and singing.

The hashtag ‘no touch still connected’ has been introduced to me by my Italian dance colleagues during the lockdown because of the Corona virus pandemic.

Best wishes, Hester Hudig

Voorjaarsvakantie 2020

This week is a vacation week (Voorjaarsvakantie) in Rotterdam and Dordrecht.
There will be NO DANCING on wednesday 26 February (Rotterdam) and thursday 27 February (Dordrecht).

In March we will start again. We will be back dancing and moving around.
Best wishes, Hester Hudig

Fate & Faith

It’s 2013 and I’m in the middle of an Open Floor ongoing week. Andrea Juhan sits in front of us with two jars with our names in it. This week the topic is soulmates. We will be paired up with another person. The tension in the room is palpable. Before she pics names she says… “This will be fate or faith…”

Fast forward to januari 6, 2020. I’m in the middle of my first class of the year when things take an unexpected turn. Due to a misunderstanding I have to stop the class and leave the building. Being met with anger and a lack of flexibility is an unsettling experience that has a ripple effect throughout the days afterwards. A rollercoaster of sensations, thoughts and emotions. Lots of thinking, reorganising and talking to people I know and trust.
What to do next?

I immediately feel I want to keep offering the world this beautiful practice and share the music I, and lots of you, have experienced so far. I want to offer you a safe space both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to enjoy embodied movement and dance. To dive deep into yourself, in connection with others. Exploring themes and topics that may be present so we do know how to be resilient when life throws us these unexpected curveballs. And also this…

I wouldn’t take you, myself and this beautiful practice seriously if I didn’t take drastic steps. I had to find a new location. In my search I noticed how the people in Rotterdam LOVE TO DANCE!!! Every day of the week you can choose between Open Floor, 5Rhythms, Biodanza, Massagedance, Tantric dance, Dia dance, chakra dance, Nia dance, Ecstatic dance, Moondance, Silent Disco, Flesjmops… not to mention all the dance offered by the different dance companies… There is soooo much out there it’s amazing. That same search also reveals choices and decisions I need to make that changes everything.

The new name will be ‘OPEN FLOOR DANS’ because I will teach on WEDNESDAY EVENING. (Simply can’t offer Monday Dance on Wednesdays).
I will start on wednesday evening 22 january. We dance from 19.30 – 21.15 o’clock. You will get 15 min more dance for the same price (€14,- per class).
You can still use the tickets you purchased or received before. Find a link with more details below this message.

Alternatively I will offer a monthly workshop series about the OPEN FLOOR FUNDAMENTALS starting wednesday morning 29 January. We dance from 9.30 – 12.30 o’clock. Every month we will look into a new theme.

I know this is a big change… I know that change can be a challenge and it may take time to settle. I know this change may be better for some, and not for everyone. For that I’m sorry. I’m taking a leap of faith… If this is meant to be there will be plenty of room for all of us.

I want you to know this… I will protect you, myself and this work. I will work hard to offer you the best I can. I will invest time and energy into the dance, the music, the workshops. I will continue to offer you my human being-ness.

You are welcome to offer your beautiful selves, your expanding minds, your layered emotions and your leaps into the unknown to the dance floor.

Thank you for all your dances, your courage, your support, your enthusiasm, your trust.

Let’s meet again and again and again on the dance floor…

with love, Hester Hudig

The gift of pause

There is something unbelievably empowering about pausing. It breaks cycles of habit and mindlessness. It gives you the opportunity to rethink, reconsider the path you’re on. It allows you to change your mind and it allows you to continue. That moment of choice has great power and offers you flexibility to address all areas of your life with a pause.

For years i’ve felt this strange twist between wanting to turn inward during wintertime when everything else asked me to expand. Particularly the holiday season asks me to expand when all of me wants to hibernate, to contract, to become more quiet.

This holiday season I will look for the pausing. For moments of contemplation, reflection, relaxation, walks in the park, for listening to the movement in my body. Listening in into solitude, connection, direction, and purpose again and again and again.

Below you will find several offerings for you to enjoy during the holiday season. Beautiful contemplative words and music, a fabulous article about napping (perfect reason to give napping a try), a list of inspiring movies, several beautiful poems and a wonderful Mixcloud playlist for you to listen to.

Just before sending this newsletter out to you I hear Ram Dass has died on December 22, 2019. You can listen to his wonderful ‘I am loving awareness’ meditation below. Read more about him here.

First I need to inform you I that my mobile phone number will be changed by January 1st, 2020.
The new number will be 06- 24 501 333.

May you find solace in solitude, nourishment in connection, ground in belonging and trust in spirit.

Warm wishes, Hester Hudig

Nieuwer Nieuws 2019

Tja en dan blijkt taal toch een dingetje te zijn… Altijd lastig.
Daarnaast klopte het adres van Dordrecht Danst niet dus bij deze… Nieuwer Nieuws. 😉

Gelukkig zijn er mensen die mij hiervan op de hoogte brengen. Dank jullie wel.
In het afgelopen jaar zijn er nogal wat dingen veranderd…

Nieuwe locatie praktijk… Admiraliteitskade 88 AI, Rotterdam
Nieuwe locatie Monday Dance… Crooswijksestraat 93, Rotterdam
Nieuwe dansavonden in Dordrecht… Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht

Nieuw telefoonnummer… 06 – 24 501 333

In maart van dit jaar ben ik verhuisd naar de Admiraliteitskade. Een praktijk met een aantal andere therapeuten en coaches in huislijke sfeer. Iedereen (die voorheen bij mij kwam in het Coachhuis) vindt de sfeer heel prettig. Dat draagt natuurlijk ook bij aan de sessies.

Bijna boven ‘Kaat Mossel’ dicht bij het Oostplein is het goed te bereiken met openbaar vervoer en auto. Overdag is het wel betaald parkeren.

Bel voor het maken van een afspraak met het nieuwe telefoonnummer 06- 24 501 333

Meer informatie kun je vinden op de website:

Monday Dance

Op maandagavond dansen we wekelijks in de danszaal van Sportcentrum Schuttersveld. Het is een prettige zaal met twee kleedkamers. Draag makkelijk zittende kleding, neem een fles water mee en iets warms (trui, sokken, dekentje).

19.30 – 21.00 uur (open 19.15 uur)
Crooswijksestraat 93, Rotterdam
Meer informatie, data en prijzen

Dordrecht Danst

Op donderdagavond dansen we sinds 14 november in danszaal 110 in het Energiehuis. Het is een prettige zaal met twee kleedkamers. Draag makkelijk zittende kleding, neem een fles water mee en iets warms (trui, sokken, dekentje).

19.30 – 21.15 uur (open 19.15 uur)
Noordendijk 148, Dordrecht
Meer informatie, data en prijzen

Iedereen is welkom. Je hebt geen ervaring met dansen nodig. Je hoeft je niet van te voren aan te melden.
Verder wil ik graag een prachtige video met je delen. ‘Moved to teach’ is tijdens de tweede module van de Open Floor Opleiding opgenomen. Ik heb meer video’s geupload naar de website over dans. Kijk hier

Warme groet, Hester Hudig

Dordrecht Danst

Dordrecht Danst
Op donderdagavond 14 november 2019 starten we met een nieuwe wekelijkse groep in het Energiehuis in Dordrecht. We hebben een mooie zaal op een prachtige locatie.

Dordrecht Danst is een wekelijkse Open Floor dans-workout waarin je je eigen dans danst en waar je welzijn ervaart op elk gebied; fysiek, mentaal, emotioneel en spiritueel.

We dansen om thuis te komen in ons lichaam. Wanneer we dansen met mindfulness dan komen we tot leven. Regelmatig dansen geeft plezier, inzicht en vrijheid. Dans verlost ons van stress, geeft een goed gevoel, en geeft verbinding met jezelf en anderen.

Je hebt géén danservaring nodig om mee te kunnen doen.

Zaal 110, Energiehuis
19.30 – 21.15 uur (inloop vanaf 19.15 uur)
€ 15,- losse les
Aanmelden is niet nodig
Kijk op de website voor meer informatie.


Om alles op tijd op te bouwen zoek ik nog een aantal mensen die deel willen uitmaken van de Monday Dance Crew.

Ik zoek mensen die mij willen helpen op maandagavond bij het op- en afbouwen. Het houdt in dat elke avond 1 persoon mij helpt met de installatie neer te zetten, de ruimte te verzorgen en een mooi altaar maakt. Je bent beschikbaar vanaf 18.45 tot ongeveer 21.30 uur.

Natuurlijk staat daar ook wat tegenover…
Je mag op de avond dat je crew bent GRATIS meedansen.

Heb je interesse?
Stuur een mail naar
of kom even naar mij toe wanneer je komt dansen.

Warme groet, Hester Hudig