Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to skip over the hard stuff, but it just doesn’t work. We don’t change, we don’t grow, and we don’t move forward without the work. If we really want to live a joyful, connected, and meaningful lives, we must talk about things that get in the way.”
– Brené Brown –

We all know this inner desire to skip the things in life that feel difficult, hard, painful. We’d rather focus on the things that give us joy, pleasure and fun. If we are unwilling to look at all aspects of life, life will catch up on ourselves. Whatever we wish to avoid will still be present, dormant, until it comes out, often big and violent, at the most unexpected moment.

Therapy can bring a lot of good into your life. Therapy is considered a commitment to yourself where you decide to invest your time, finances and energy towards your progress. It is voluntary and with a certain obligation. However much you invest in your trajectory will be part of the results you’ll experience. It is therefore impossible to predict the outcome of the sessions upfront.

Key to therapy is your willingness to explore, to dive into yourself, to find out what needs to come to the surface. I will explore with you what’s present in your life, including all the parts we’d rather avoid or ignore. We will integrate mind, body and soul. We will talk and move our bodies. Psychosynthesis and Open Floor are methods that can give you insights into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. And provide resources to integrate all that is yours to live fulfilled lives.

There are limited places for therapy. I work on weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Rotterdam.
Get in touch with me to make an appointment 06- 24 501 333