Don’t speak Dutch?

You are interested in therapy or dancing at Open Floor and you don’t speak Dutch… My sessions and classes can be held in English too.

I’m a Native Dutch speaker. However over the years i’ve studied at international schools, taught in England at primary schools and have often contact with my colleagues and friends from all over the world.

It’s important to me that you know you can speak English with me. In my individual sessions its probably more obvious that you do. In my classes I may not be aware of that. Please let me know before the class starts so you can understand what i’m saying and you don’t feel left out.

The newsletter will be in English so you can follow the latest news about what I do, any offers and background information. Sign up on your right.

Please contact me for individual talk-therapy, therapy-in-motion sessions or would like to come to one of my classes.
You can call me at 06-15123555 (weekdays 10-18 hours)